Top 5 tips to get the most money in mediation for your injury case
  • Poker face

You may hear lies. You are just a number to the insurance company. They don’t care about you. Instead of whining about that, accept it. That’s not going to change. Don’t take it personally. Keep a poker face. Never let them know what you’re thinking .

  • Shut up and listen

They’re going to tell you how they’re going to defend the case. Listen to their arguments. Take notes. Your lawyer should be doing the same. If they have strong arguments, you better settle before trial.

  • Dress well

You should present well. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit if you’re a guy, but you should dress nice. David Ball’s book on Damages says the number one reason the juries give money to people is because they deserve it. Dress like you deserve it.

  • Know your numbers, the value of your case

You should know where are you going to start negotiating, which will be a higher number than what you’re willing to accept. You should also know what your absolute bottom number is.

  • Talk to your lawyer before mediation about what to expect

An experienced lawyer will tell you a range of the value of the case based on their experience For instance, your case is worth 75,000 to $100,000 before trial. Be realistic about the value of your case.


Grey Tesh
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