Have you been wrongfully injured in a Florida Motorcycle accident?
If so, you may be entitled to a HUGE payout.

Injured motorcycle riders, how are you going to get paid if you have no insurance?

In Florida, there is generally no insurance requirement for motorcyclists. PIP (personal injury protection) benefits do not apply to motorcycles. PIP is for vehicles with 4 wheels or more. Even if you own a car with PIP coverage, if you are injured on a motorcycle, you cannot claim PIP benefits.

You should have UM (uninsured motorist) stacked coverage to protect yourself. Most people do not have that important coverage.
Without UM, you are probably going to struggle to pay medical bills, especially if you can’t work due to your injury.

Fighting Lawyer Grey can help explain your options to get money for your case.

What does a motorcycle injury lawyer do to help?
A lawyer may get police reports, accident reports, check on all insurance available. If the driver of the vehicle was a different person from the owner, there may be additional insurance to go after. A lawyer may also take photos and videos and hire experts like an accident reconstruction expert.

What can you get paid for when injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida?
Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering (there is no injury threshold like PIP).
Wrongful death from a motorcycle accident

A surviving spouse, minor children and even parents may have claim for wrongful death.
What do you have to prove?

You have to prove the other driver was at fault, meaning they didn’t exercise reasonable care and they caused your injuries.

Common scenarios to prove fault for a motorcycle accident
• Turning left in front of the motorcycle
• Cutting off the motorcyclist
• At fault person ran a red light
• DUI or drunk driving
• Distracted driving like texting, on the phone or not paying attention

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident anywhere in Florida, Fighting Lawyer Grey can help.

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