Grey goes the extra mile for his clients. He is well respected by his peers and all members of the "legal" community in South Florida. I have used Grey's services on various occasions and highly recommend him!
- Karen
I am a lawyer but do not handle criminal cases or practice in FL. I referred a case to Mr. Tesh and would do so again should any of my clients, family or friends ever have criminal defense needs. Mr. Tesh obtained excellent results as the charges were dismissed. He was very responsive when the client had questions both during and after representation.
- Mike
After my arrest I was pretty upset. I called Grey and he told me that he thought that he could get all charges dropped. I felt better. I followed his advice and he got me a deal, all charges dropped by the state without even appearing in front of a judge. Grey was very knowledgeable and responsive. It pays to use a professional.
- Matthew
Simply the best lawyer one can hope to find. Twice I have used his services and have received excellant courtesy and results.
- Ricardo
Mr. Grey Tesh is a great lawyer and I'm truly happy w/all he accomplish for me. He got me clean sweep. Thx
- J. Looney
Grey Tesh is an outstanding defense attorney who met and exceeded all my expectations. Mr. Tesh handled my D.U.I. case with the utmost discretion and professionalism. His advice and representation have helped me get my life back on track and back to normal.
- Mark
I was caught up in an unfortunate criminal matter. Mr. Tesh listened to my story in an unrushed manner, allowing me all the time needed, asked pertinent questions and formed an excellent defense taking me to a successful conclusion in a jury trial. His follow-up pretrial was timely, thorough and effective. I never felt hustled or rushed in my conversations with Grey. His staff was courteous and always responsive to my questions and needs. His manner in court was always positive and tenacious. His attention to detail was excellent. I never once felt as if I had been forgotten while waiting for my case to move along due to the many phone calls and emails from Grey and his staff. I have Grey's skills to thank for giving me back my life.
- Law Client
Excellent service. Fought hard to get my case dropped. Truly a great investment in your future.
- Bryan
I was falsely accused of shooting three people. Grey worked like a madman to defend me. All charges were dropped. I got my life back thanks to Grey’s hard work
-Another extremely satisfied client
Grey got my felony case dropped and then got it expunged. He made it as pleasurable as it could be under the circumstances.
- Another extremely satisfied client
I will never forget the yeoman work you did for me, protecting my rights under the 4th and 2nd amendments against illegal search. I thought for a moment my career was toast, but I since have gotten Information Technology contracts with Georgia Power, Monsanto, Glaxo Smith Kline, Boeing and others. God has richly blessed me and I will always feel that you were a part of that blessing. May God richly bless you and yours in all your endeavors.
- Another extremely satisfied client
Grey resolved my case after one phone call and a letter.
- Another extremely satisfied client
I want to thank you for representing me so successfully. My side of the story was eventually seen. My ex-wife later apologized to me for her errors and lies.
- Another extremely satisfied client
I was very pleased with Grey's knowledge and service, and will certainly recommend him to others.
- Another extremely satisfied client
Thanks again! Good to know there are people we can trust to help when in need. We would recommend you anytime.
- Another extremely satisfied client