If you are searching for the best Florida criminal defense lawyer money can buy, you are filled with fear.

Fear of loss of freedom, being locked up.  Fear of loss of love, being away from your family.  Fear of the unknown, what will happen to your family while you are gone?  Fear of loss of your reputation, what will other people think of you if you are convicted and go to prison?

You want the best Florida criminal attorney in the world for your serious criminal case.  No attorney can legally say they are the best criminal defense lawyer in Florida.  But you can look at their results, experience, if they are board certified in criminal trial law and what other people have to say about them.

Imagine going from feeling helpless and hopeless to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling hope.

How many Florida criminal defense lawyers do you know that tried a 1st degree murder with a firearm case, appealed, won in the district court of appeals and won in the Florida Supreme Court? And in doing so, expanded Miranda rights for all Floridians?

Here is the Florida Supreme Court Opinion

See Grey on CBS 48 hours

If Grey says it, it’s bragging.  If someone else says it with no incentive to say it, that’s different.  Hear what clients have to say about Grey helping them with their criminal cases:

Hear what Jay had to say when we beat his Felony Patient Brokering case:

Check out the NBC news coverage of Grey winning the case

As of 2021, to my knowledge, this is the only Patient Brokering case that a criminal defense lawyer has won in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Here is the Motion To Dismiss that was filed. Here is the Nolle Prosse that was filed in the case showing the government dismissed the case. Here is a video how to win a patient brokering case.

Hear what Jon had to say when we got his felony conviction reversed and dismissed:

Here is the original Motion To Suppress that was filed and improperly denied by Judge Keever. Here is the winning brief on appeal.  After we won, I filed a motion to discharge my client’s conviction.  That way, he is officially no longer a convicted felon.  Also, I filed a motion to return property so he could get his stuff back from the cops.

Hear what Colin had to say about Grey representing him:

Today, I practice mostly personal injury. I handle serious criminal cases on a limited basis.  Many times, old clients refer people to me.  Generally, I like working on murder and federal criminal cases.  They are exciting cases to work on.

I make money with personal injury and have fun with criminal cases.  I don’t need to take on criminal cases.  If I accept a criminal case, it is because I want to take the case.  If you are looking for a cheap criminal lawyer, please do not call me.  When I accept a criminal case, I’m all in.  Meaning I spend a lot of time preparing for trial, even if your case never goes to trial.  Because that is how you get results.  In the above videos where I got clients results, that was after putting hundreds of hours in on each case.  I poured my heart and soul into those cases.  If you or a loved one is facing serious criminal charges, and we choose to work together, I will pour my heart and soul into your case too.  There are no guarantees as to any outcome in any case.  But, to have a chance at winning, you have to completely outwork the other side.

What is your freedom worth?

-Grey Tesh

Florida Bar Board certified criminal trial lawyer

“Law is not black or white, it’s Grey”

Since 2001, Florida Bar Board certified criminal trial attorney Grey Tesh has helped thousands, tried over 100 jury and non-jury trials to verdict, won in the Florida Supreme Court, changed Miranda rights law for all Floridians, been featured on CBS 48 Hours, represented doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, but mostly just average, ordinary people accused of serious crimes.